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Sunset Harbour's Delicious Raw Offers Made-From-Scratch Vegan Eats

Nobl burger ($14)
Nobl burger ($14) Courtesy of Delicious Raw
The name might conjure images of wheatgrass and bean sprouts, but there's more to Delicious Raw than veggies and juice. The plant-based spot, which recently opened in Sunset Harbor and has a location on the way in Aventura, offers an array of colorful, hearty, and nutrient-dense foods designed to appeal to even the salad-averse.

"When developing our menu, we generally try to get rid of any perceived limitations of being plant-based and probably think about it more along the lines of haute cuisine," cofounder Flemming Madsen says. "We get inspired by sophisticated cooking and preparation techniques to create unique and delicious tastes and textures that just happen to be plant-based."

Specifically, the menu includes items such as a Buddha bowl ($14) with house-made vegan sweet potato pasta, zesty fiesta corn salad, marinated portobello mushrooms, kale slaw, roasted candy stripe beets, spiced chickpeas, Buddha dressing, and avocado; the nobl burger ($14), a house-made vegan burger with pickles, smoked aioli, truffle-infused garlic dijon, baby spinach, herb-roasted cherry tomatoes, roasted portobello, and Bermuda onion on a house-made vegan brioche bun and a vegan seasonal side; and vegan pad thai ($14) with house-made black-bean noodles, bean sprouts, Napa cabbage, crunchy peanuts, cilantro, red chilies, scallions, and spicy signature vegan pad thai sauce. The lineup also includes smoothies, desserts, juices, and shots.
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Pure panino by Delicious Raw.
Courtesy of Delicious Raw
"In this process, we look for ways to take as much ownership of our raw ingredients as possible rather than using processed or premade ingredients," Madsen says. "With that in mind, we make the vast majority of our products from scratch. This includes our superfood pastas, breads, dressings, milks, compotes, and much more. It can be a cumbersome and time-consuming process, but it’s well worth it and helps make our menu unique and enjoyable for anyone."

One other offering of note — handy for South Beach revelers — is the post-party shot. To cure even the nastiest of hangovers, the team researched the causes of this unpleasant condition to find natural ingredients that would help.

"Key factors impacting your condition during a hangover are diuretic effects, vitamin and nutrient depletion, and loss of energy," Madsen says. "Based on that, we packed our cold-pressed post-party shot with a combination of simple, clean, and natural ingredients that boost your body's response to alcohol by detoxifying, rehydrating, and restoring vital nutrients that are depleted after drinking."

Delicious Raw. 1828 Bay Rd., Miami Beach; 786-452-7575; Monday through Sunday 7 a.m. to 9 p.m.
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