Spinach "Pies" at The Last Carrot Worth Trying

The number one reason people give for not eating healthy is, "Healthy food tastes like dog poop." I'll admit that I got this data from surveying 9-10 year olds in front of my home waiting in line at the ice cream truck (I figure if I annoy them enough, they'll make someone else's home their pick up spot).

I have to disagree with the results of this survey, however. It's all in how the food is prepared. And one place that knows how to serve some undog-poop tasting, healthful fare is the Last Carrot.

Now owned by Erin, who inherited it from her father, the Last Carrot has been a staple in the Grove for decades. Some of the customers have been dining there since the place opened in the seventies. And Erin has done what she can to keep her dad's spirit true.

Although the Carrot has great tuna pitas loaded with fresh veggies (which I have been eating there since high school), I had never tried anything else. That is until the other day when I was treated to sample the different pies.

The spinach pies at the Last Carrot are not really pies, per se. They consist of a piece of wheat bread cut in two, layered with cooked spinach and your choice of cheese, tomatoes, and tuna. The spinach pie with cheese and tomato is divine. The tomatoes are somehow always perfect -- perfect ripeness and you really taste the tomato. The spinach is delish. The tuna melt spinach pie was decent, not really a big deal. I really prefer the cheese and tomato version better. I definitely prefer the tuna as a pita, but this may be a matter of personal taste, since I've never been a big fan of warm tuna (including Mahi Mahi).

I am now a fan, however, of the spinach pies which irks me because I actually have to debate what to order when I'm at the Carrot.

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