SoBeWFF BBQ & The Blues: Top Six Chef GIFs of the Night

Event recaps can be super repetitive sometimes. Unless something über spectacular happened, they're usually predictable.


In the spirit of all things good and fun, we popped around from booth to booth at Thrillist's BBQ & The Blues last night hosted by none other than Geoffrey Zakarian at the Eden Roc. The blues band, Diablo Dimes & The Bloodhounds taught the crowd what a "poor man's trumpet" was, while 'cue, beer, and even a full smoker made it out to the party.

The food was nothing short of amazing -- that, we can say. (P.S.: Shout out to Paula DaSilva's incredible barbecue tamale. It's the new black, y'all). But even better than the food were the ridiculous shenanigans that the chef teams got into when we stopped by for photos.

Here now are the top six greatest chef GIFs from last night's bitchin' soirée.

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Fewer couples are more adorable than Geoffrey Zakarian and his wife Margaret. Like, we've heard rumors of the cuteness, but last night it was confirmed. But what's better than looking cute together? When hubs has to fix your hair, girl.

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Speaking of looking adorable together, executive chef of The National, Paul Corsentino, and exec chef of The Lambs Club, Eric Haugen, prefer to keep the tomfooleries to a minimum when the boss is around. But while Zakarian was being distracted by a team of New Times ninjas, well, the boys were boys.

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"Well don't we look appropriate," said The Federal's head pot stirrer and bar wench/partner Aniece Meinhold when she saw the glorious pose the team pulled off for us. Christine Guzman and the Fed's executive chef, Cesar Zapata really gave us our nickel's worth when we asked for dinner and a show.

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The folks behind Feverish Pops, (which, Zakarian pointed out is a "great" name,) practically had their whole scheme planned out as soon we we got around to their cart of frozen treats. Within seconds, two pops were stripped of their plastic case of emotions and in on the impromptu charade with the reps.

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You know, that Edge at the Four Seasons is one classy joint. So classy sometimes, that executive chef Aaron Brooks and his team practically burst at the seams with buffoonery. BaDumPsh!

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And then -- oh yes -- there are the over-achievers. The ones [and, by "ones," we mean the team of broskis behind Danny Serfer and his Blue Collar] who rummage through the inner corners of their imaginations for something epic. You see, fancy SoBeWFF signage is much too froufrou for this team. So to make up for the lack of decor, they decided a laborious human pyramid adjacent to their booth was far more befitting to the blue collar lifestyle.

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