South Beach Wine & Food Festival

SoBeWFF 2015: Barbecue, Blues, Burrell, and Rok BRGR's Sweet Caroline Burger

On any other night, a barbecue bash at the Shore Club to kick off South Beach Wine & Food Festival would be a "shore thing." But last night's cold temps meant Miamians needed hot meat, blues for their temperature troubles, and booze to warm them up more than ever.

At Barbecue & the Blues, host Anne Burrell, who is a New Yorker, scoffed at the cold and at Miami Thrillist editor and co-host, Matt Meltzer, in his fur coat. She asked, "Is that your grandma's coat?"

Guests carefully maneuvered around the event to avoid a dip in the pool and waited as their favorite local meat-centric restaurants turned out plates of ribs, brisket, burgers, sandwiches and mac and cheese. Although, at the end of the night, the people had spoken and Rok BRGR and their Sweet Caroline burger took the crown as the band and crowd belted out a song. And to quote Mr. Diamond, "Good times never seemed so good."

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Carina Ost