Short Order's Comments of the Week, 8/9 - 8/13

Happy Friday Short Orderers. Our blog week would not have been complete without you and your opinions.

Here a list of this week's best comments.

1. and 2.
A pair of Short Order readers participated in a comment duel after reading the Overrated Eats: Versailles post.

"Kendall Julio" said:

Cafe Versialles is a overrated rat infested sewer hole!! I'd pink Sergio's over La Carreta anyday, at least they make an attempt to speak Ebglish and they have 70 yr. old exiles sitting around talking abut what when on in cuba 65 yrs. ago, and who cares really. Little Havana is just as the names states, little cuba that nobody wants to go to and I'd surely not recommend it to any tourists that might want to possibly visit miami.

To which "Hannibal Lecter" replied:

Wow, "Kendall" Julio, lol.

Just the fact that you call yourself "Kendall Julio" is telling enough.

If servers who speak English are really important to you, go eat at

Chuck Wagon. You're in the wrong restaurant. And for that matter, you're

so arrepentido, you should just pull a Snookie, move to Jersey, and

pretend your a guido instead of a Hispanic.

What's even funnier is you criticizing anyone's "Ebglish". You're post

reads as if it were written by a 5-year-old dyslexic psychopath.

Of course you'd "pink" Sergio's any day...that type of place was

tailor-made for people like you. You are all style, no substance,

wouldn't know real cuisine over mediocre slop if it slapped you in the

face, and you wish you were a gringo instead of a Latino. Or is it just

Cubans you hate? Are you a jealous Nica or Colombian, Julio? Is that it?

Little Havana has not been a little Cuba for many years. Little Havana

residents are mostly Honduran, but why mess up your infantile and inane

rant with facts, right? Or proper "Egblish" for that matter.

Cubans made this city. If it weren't for the exiles, Miami would still

be a backwards little town full of rednecks and not the international

metropolis it is today. Stop hating, Kendall Julio, and go get yourself

some edumacation. At the very least, you'll learn how to write better


3. A tourist had a "per person" misunderstanding while dining at Azul.

She thought the $100 tasting price was for her table of three and was

astounded to find that the price was per person. "iamme" said this

in response to Short Order's coverage of the matter.

This person may actually be retarded. That is the absolute most moronic thing I have ever heard. She knew enough to go to the Mandarin if not staying there, clearly it is going to be an expensive night out. That woman needs to not procreate. 

4. Short Order listed eight meats that will make you go vegetarian. And this compelled "Ralph Wiggum" to comment. 

When I eat animal ass, it tastes all brown! 

5. Welcome back to the list "jhonny seafood." This week, Mr. Seafood was happy

to read Short Order's post regarding Talula's closing.


Keep 'em coming.

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