Short Order's Comments of the Week, 8/16-8/20

We have reached the end of another long week Short Orderers. And we would like to thank you for commenting on our stories. Here's some of the best blather from the past five days. For some reason, the noteworthy comments this week shared a male chauvinism theme. 

Thanks again readers. And keep 'em coming.

1. and 2. Short Order reported on Lost and Found's Happy Hour. The blog post sparked a beer-related comment war.

"veghead" said,

It should be noted that there are great vegetarian options here. Also, Blueberry beer for the ladies.

Then "Raya" said,

"Also, Blueberry beer for the ladies."Seriously?? Do you really feel that all "ladies" are such simpering ninnies that we cannot drink a beer unless it is fruity and weak? Is Rogue Hazelnut Brown Nectar so strong and masculine that it might send the "ladies" into hysteria? Oooh, and what if a "lady" ate a pork burrito instead of a more delicate "vegetarian option"? Might the world spin off its axis? Or implode even? Blueberry Beer for the "ladies," folks.

3. Lee Klein blogged about The Art of Grilling cookbook. He noted that it was ranked 1,603,701 on the Amazon Bestsellers list.

To which a testosterone-filled "Bobby Flay" said,

Maybe it's #1,603,701 because its written by a woman.
Men grill. Women bake

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