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Sea Café, Max Pizza, and Fritanga Managuita Need Roach Motels; Chez Le Bebe and Chong Chinese Seafood Have Bigger Problems

We live in Miami. There are roaches everywhere. We get it. And rats too. That's part of big-city life. But damn it, man, get your vermin under control. How do you expect people to pay for food at your restaurant if you let roaches and rats eat for free?
Of course, nobody intentionally sends invitations to those creatures of the night that ruin our dinners. But nonetheless they show up. And at these eateries, they show up en masse. Five restaurants suffered the indignation of temporary shut-downs in late July or early August because of roach and rodent problems. And one café also had issues. Here are the lowlights:

Fritanga Managuita: 11373 SW 211th St., Miami; Full Report

Health Inspector's Notes (July 27): Observed 50-plus live roaches inside wooden containers used to store beans and rice.

Max Pizza: 15455 SW 137th Ave., Miami; Full Report
Health inspector's notes: Observed live roach under oven, on supply shelf on cook line, on pizza dough prep table (front counter), under pizza dough prep table (front counter), and approximately 20-plus live roaches on cook line/steam table, as well as approximately ten live roaches on dry goods/utensil storage shelf.

Chez Le Bebe Restaurant: 114 NE 54th St., Miami; Full Report
Health inspector's notes: Observed 40-plus fresh rodent droppings on floor and kitchen shelves, about 15 dry droppings on floor next to three-compartment sink kitchen area. Observed four live raoches on the floor around ice equipment, prep area next to the kitchen.

Sea Café: 740 Ocean Dr., Miami Beach; Full Report
Health inspector's notes: Critical. Observed 15 live roaches inside broken reach-in cooler on cook line, two roaches by three-compartment sink, and one inside flour bin in dry storage area.

Chong Chinese Seafood Restaurant: 2772 SW Eighth St., Miami; Full Report
Health inspector's notes: Observed 50 fresh rodent droppings next to cooking-area kitchen floor and about 20-plus in food prep area floor and walk-in cooler area. About 20 fresh droppings in restroom next to kitchen.

Prime Time Café: 860 Ocean Dr., Miami Beach; Full Report
Health inspector's notes: Stop sale issued on potentially hazardous food due to temperature abuse. Black beans, mushroom soup, marinating beef (steaks), sauces, fish: tuna, seafoods (lobster tails). Cold holding equipment incapable of maintaining potentially hazardous food at proper temperatures. Walk-in cooler (all foods over 52F). Critical. Food-contact surfaces in contact with potentially hazardous food not cleaned at least every four hours. Due to workers inside kitchen.


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