Real Housewives of Miami's Elsa Patton: Havana Elsa Coffee Is Real! UPDATED

If you noticed our favorite Real Housemom Elsa Patton hawking her branded coffee and wondered if it was some cute segment or a possible dream sequence on Bravo's Real Housewives of Miami, let us confirm here and now: Havana Elsa coffee is real.

The Patton Group has confirmed that Havana Elsa coffee is, in fact, real (and, technically, an espresso). though at the moment it's not available yet.

Update: We just learned that the coffee is now available for mail order. A ten-ounce package sells for $4.99 (plus $5.35 shipping via DHL).

So what does Havana Elsa coffee taste like? We figure it's as complex and rich as the pattern on Mama Elsa's muumuu.

According to Trademarkia.com,

the Havana Elsa trademark was approved for publication on Wednesday,

September 5, 2012. Which means we smell coffee a-brewing.


assured we'll keep you posted on the latest Mama Elsa coffee news, but

for now, watch this amazing, insane Bravo clip that features Havana Elsa

coffee, a Havana Elsa food truck, and Elsa and daughter Marysol

trying to figure out how to divvy up their future coffee fortune (hint:

Elsa's not into sharing the fruits of Marysol's labor).

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