Purim Is Today: Get Your Hamantaschen Here

Who says Disney has all the stories about powerful princesses overcoming evil? Long before Cinderella and Ariel, Queen Esther defeated the evil Haman, saving her people and being one generally bad-ass young lady.

To celebrate and remember this victory, every year Jews (and everyone else who likes a tasty treat) eat hamantaschen (plural for hamantasch), triangular pastries filled with poppy seeds, apricot, or prune preserves that represent the ears of Haman. Look, if Sleeping Beauty can have an apple, Queen Esther can eat her enemies ears, OK?

These oversize cookies can be found at most delis and bakeries in Miami, especially those in Jewish neighborhoods such as Miami Beach and Aventura. 

Epicure Markets in Miami Beach and Sunny Isles Beach have a few varieties today in celebration of Purim. Choose soft pastry dough or hard cookie dough hamantaschen filled with a choice of prune, apricot, or raspberry ($3.25 to $3.50 each). 

Bagel Cove in Aventura has mini hamantaschen at $12.95 per pound or large cookies ($2.05), available today in a choice of prune or apricot.

Bagel Emporium in Coral Gables has mini hamantaschen by the pound. Order prune, apricot, raspberry, or an assortment of flavors for $12.95 per pound.

These girls really want you to eat their hamantaschen, by the way:

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.