Pura Vida: Frozen Bowls of Açaí Berry Goodness

Pura Vida, located on the corner of Washington Ave and First Street in South Beach, adds a little tropical flair to healthy eating. The laid back ambiance of the place is well represented by the name, Pura Vida or pure life, which is the philosophy of Costa Rica that reminds them to always live life to the fullest. The interior is brightly painted and you can even come here to rent surfboards or hang up your surfboard if you are stopping in for bite to eat. There isn't a lot of space to sit down, but there are a few tables and a food bar. However, you can always get your food to go. It's not rare to see bikini-clad women or hot surfers waiting for their meals, so sometimes the eye candy alone is worth the visit.

The place serves a full menu of smoothies, sandwiches, wraps, juices and

their famous açaí bowls. They also offer different meal combos like

brown rice and chicken that is accompanied with lentil soup and salad

for $9.95.

Although all of the food is good, the açaí bowls are the real draw at

this little surfers' paradise. The açaí bowls are $9.95, but you can

also get a mini bowl for $7.95. The bowls are made with a puree of

frozen açaí berries, bananas and apple juice. The blended meal is then

topped with granola and fruits like blueberries, pineapples,

strawberries and bananas. They are light, so you go away feeling full

but not stuffed. It's almost like a unique spin on yogurt with fruit and

granola, except these bowls are much sweeter and a million times more


Pura Vida

110 Washington Ave., Miami Beach


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