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Pubbelly Sushi Opens to Fish on a Plate and Erni Vales' Pigs on the Walls

The guys who've been filling you to the brim with pork at Pubbellly have birthed a sibling to their winning concept with Pubbelly Sushi.  Opening tonight right next door, look for mouthwatering rolls briming with  porkbelly and clams ($12), softshell crab BLT ($13), and heirloom tomatoes($11). For those not in a sushi kinda mood, there's a robatta grill with hot and sexy pieces like pinchos the pollo ($7), bbq short ribs ($11), and wagyu skirt steak ($21).

As hard as it may be to take your eyes off the feast on your plate you'll be hard pressed to miss the Pubbelly mural above.  Designed and painted by local artist, Erni Vales pictured here, the Japanese anime-inspired images are bright and with a definite playful edge.

Eni is no stranger to adding flair to your dining experience and stimulating all your senses at Mercadito and Sushi Maki locations throughout the country.  His larger than life work at this new corner eatery is no exception. The karate kicking pigs are flanked by a busty damsel winking at patrons with a cheeky smile enticing you to gorge yourself until your stomach begs for mercy. Erni's tantalizing humor and vigorous brush strokes -- it took him two short days to complete the wall -- add the "in your face" experience that is associated with the Pubbelly dining experience.  Check it all out starting tonight at 6pm.

Pubelly Sushi  
1424 20th street, Miami Beach
ph: 305.531.9282 

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Christina Staalstrom