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Pollo Tropical to Create 30-Foot TropiChop Bowl at 30th-Anniversary Block Party

TropiChop with yellow rice, vegetables, and crispy chicken bites.
TropiChop with yellow rice, vegetables, and crispy chicken bites. Courtesy of Pollo Tropical
To celebrate its 30th anniversary, South Florida-based Pollo Tropical will attempt to set a Guinness World Record for the planet's largest TropiChop. Once created, it is expected to measure 30 feet long and contain heaps of grilled chicken, roast pork, and vegetables.

The massive dish will debut Friday, November 30, during Pollo Tropical's free block party on Calle Ocho, coinciding with Little Havana's monthly event Viernes Culturales.

The 30-foot TropiChop will be a mega-rendition of the brand's signature bowls, which are available at all chain locations. Typically, the bowls include a base of rice or lettuce topped with chicken or pork and other ingredients such as vegetables, black beans, tomatoes, and sautéed onions.

To set the Guinness record, the TropiChop will be constructed, measured, and then served free of charge to all attendees. Because of its enormous size, it will include various sections topped with grilled chicken, roast pork, or Pollo Tropical's new crispy chicken bites. Guests will have the chance to sample one or all three.

In addition to offering the colossal dish, the anniversary event will be MC'ed by comedian Julie Baez and will include live music, special guests, and other activities.

If Pollo Tropical succeeds, the TropiChop will become the company's third Guinness World Record. The first win was in 1999 for a 3,600-pound bowl of black beans and rice. Then, in 2010, it broke the record for the largest serving of salsa, weighing 1,700 pounds.

Three decades ago, Pollo Tropical debuted in Miami in 1988 with a quick-service restaurant slinging grilled chicken doused in a 24-hour citrus marinade. Since then, more than 180 locations have opened.

Pollo Tropical Block Party. 5 to 9 p.m. Friday, November 30, at Pollo Tropical Little Havana, 1277 SW Eighth St., Miami; 305-856-9221;
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