Plato Royale: Battle of Churros, Sra. Martinez vs. Morro Castle

Virtually everyone in Miami has enjoyed a churro at one point or another. If you haven't, please continue on into Broward County where you belong.

While they originated in Spain, the fried dough treats are also widely popular throughout Latin America, which explains how they made it here.. Their name comes from the device used to squeeze them into their prism shapes, a churrera.

Locally, they can be found everywhere. They're sold street-side by elderly men who package them in grease-dripping paper bags and at slews of neighborhood cafes. But the pastries that leave everyone with sugared fingertips can also be scored at some of the most exclusive and high-end eateries in the city.

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Below, Short Order describes the battle between high and low-end churros. The following are comparisons between those at design district gem Sra. Martinez, and Hialeah staple Morro Castle.

Sra. Martinez

Pros: The fried cylinders are prepared perfectly and dusted with just the right amount of sugar. They are thick, yet not overwhelmingly filling or greasy.

Cons: They're served with a chocolate sauce laced with cayenne pepper. While the spicy dipping sauce is surely applauded by sophisticated pallets, it's overpowering for the common churro lover.

Morro Castle

Pros: The churros are massive and have a traditional taste. The accompanying chocolate sauce is also simple, delicious, and offered in generous helpings. It must also be noted they cost only 10 cents as long as you order at least three.

Cons: Like mostly everything found at Cuban restaurants, these churros are greasy and heavy. They are also presented in a basket.

Verdict: While Sra. Martinez offers a well prepared and chic take on churros, they don't compare to the unpretentious, abuela-made tastes of the Morro Castle version. And 30 cents compared to $8 significantly adds to that argument.

Sra. Martinez
4000 NE 2nd Ave, Miami

Morro Castle
1201 W 44th Pl., Hialeah

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