Miami's Top Ten Wackiest Sushi Rolls

Miami, you take food fusions to a whole other level.

You have pastelito hamburgers, sweet plantain ice cream, and Chinese bao buns stuffed with lechón asado. But you're even crazier when it comes to sushi.

What follows are the top ten wackiest sushi rolls in Miami. In this list, you'll find bagels, chicharrón, ceviche, and plantain-stuffed sushi. So grab your chopsticks and dig in.

10. Coconut Shrimp Roll at Doraku

For a taste of the tropics, grab hold of this coconut shrimp roll ($12.75) at Doraku. It features coconut-crusted fried black tiger prawns. It's wrapped up with avocado and scallions, then topped with coconut milk and a mango juice reduction.

9. Rock Shrimp Tempura Maki at Makoto

California may be famous for its eponymous sushi roll, but Miami adds more spice to it. This rock shrimp tempura maki ($14) at Makoto features fried shrimp and curry aioli over a California roll. It's a roll like no other. The aroma of Japanese curry is striking. And the flavor packs an equal punch. It offers a rich juxtaposition to the sashimi served at this refined restaurant.

8. Banh Mi Maki at Jugofresh

Everyone's favorite Vietnamese sandwich can now be enjoyed in raw, vegan sushi form. The banh mi maki ($12.50) at Jugofresh features the standard pickled carrots, daikon, and cucumbers. But here, the pâté is made from walnuts. It's topped with an almond-sesame crunch. Take one bite and you'll recognize the flavors of a good banh mi.

7. Everything roll at HaVen

So you want your everything bagel and sushi, too? HaVen has got you covered with their everything roll ($13). It has sockeye salmon, cream cheese, chives, garlic, sesame seeds, poppy seeds, and bagel chips. Really, where else can you find a roll like this?

6. Samba Coral Gables from SushiSamba

For the skewered sushi section of this wacky list, we present you with the Samba Coral Gables roll ($19). This pricey offering fuses steamed lobster, avocado, red jalapeño, with sweet chili sauce, key lime mayo, and tobiko. Our favorite part? The Japanese crackers that cover the rice. They provide a fun crunchiness.

5. Tuscan Sushi at NeMesis Urban Bistro

Who says sushi can't be wrapped in prosciutto, stuffed with mascarpone and gorgonzola dolce cheeses, and topped with figs? This "Sexy Nibble" at NeMesis Urban Bistro is easily one of the most popular dishes on the menu. And we can understand why.

4. Porkbelly and Clams at Pubbelly Sushi

Pubbelly Sushi does pork sushi right with their pork belly and clam specialty roll ($12). They combine barbecued pork belly with kimchee coleslaw and fried clams. This roll is so not kosher, but it's so worth it.

3. Ceviche Roll at Sushi Deli

The ceviche roll ($5.75) at Sushi Deli is one of the most affordable and tastiest rolls in Miami. They prepare the ceviche just like Miamians like it -- with lots of citrus and cilantro. It's totally different to Japanese market's other traditional offerings. But it's like tasting ceviche in a whole new way.

2. The White Hot Heat Roll at SuViche

When you name your restaurant SuViche, you better serve some interesting sushi rolls. This white hot heat roll ($12.50) delivers. It has spicy tuna, tempura flakes, and cream cheese. It's topped with extra tuna, SuViche sauce, and sriracha. Sure, the Philadelphia roll brought cream cheese to sushi years ago. But Miami brings the heat and adds sriracha!

1. Q'Vola Asere Maki at Mixtura

Mixtura in North Beach melds Peruvian fare with Latin American, Caribbean, and Japanese cuisines. Their Q'Vola Asere epitomizes sushi fusion. It has sweet plantains and chicharron on the inside; sliced tenderloin with chimichurri on the outside. It's served with an aji limo bean sauce.

At first, we were confused with its flavors. But then we just loved it.

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