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Miami's Top Ten Fritas Cubanas

An original frita cubana couples Cuban bread with a spiced beef patty, seasoned with cumin, paprika, and pepper. Some add chorizo to the mix. Others cap meat with an American-style hamburger bun. Despite minor variations, one thing remains consistent: Papas fritas, deep-fried and grease-slicked julienned potatoes, crown beef like a handful of sprinkles atop ice cream.

The frita has recently come into its own. President Obama visited El Mago de las Fritas. Burger Land did an episode on the dish. And our buddy Sef Gonzalez is planning a pop-up May 6.

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The frita debuted in Miami via Havana's friteros over a half-century ago. Now, the frita fray shows no sign of slowing. Its realm spills from Calle Ocho to Hialeah and beyond. Its popularity surges.

Here's where to find the best fritas cubanas in town.

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Emily Codik