Miami's Top Ten Dog-Friendly Restaurants

They're everywhere. Four-legged fur babies are out and about in Miami. From tiny Chihuahuas in pink Juicy sweatshirts to bulldogs on skateboards to poodles with tutus, every kind of dog in every manner of dress can be found in our city.

Though dogs are usually welcome at Miami's many patio restaurants, there are some places that go the extra mile to pamper your pup, with everything from special meals to poolside retreats.

Here's our list of the ten dog-friendliest restaurants in Miami.

10. GreenStreet Cafe's patio attracts Grovites, tourists, and local businesspeople who flock to this iconic restaurant for an outdoor seat in the shade. Regulars are greeted by name regardless of whether they're human, furred, or feathered. We've seen it all during an average Sunday brunch, including a poodle with a dye job and a parrot celebrating its birthday. Clearly a great spot for your party animal to see and be seen.

9. BTTR (Biscayne Truck Triangle Roundup), though technically not a restaurant, makes our list of pet-friendly spots. Each Tuesday evening, about two dozen food trucks gather around a square block of green grass near the Johnson & Wales University campus on Biscayne Boulevard at NE 127th Street. With all those good smells coming from the trucks, lots of grass to lie on, and the cool evening breeze wafting in from the bay, it's everything a dog (or person, for that matter) could ask for. Bonus: No snooty waiters to scold Bootsy if she slurps water all over the floor or chooses to dine straight from the ground.

8. After an extended shopping spree at nearby Dog Bar (which, despite the name, is not a place for Pooch to get wasted), discerning doggies take a break at Meat Market, which offers a great vantage point to sniff out the Lincoln Road action. According to chef/co-owner Sean Brasel, "Our outside dining area is dog-friendly, and we offer water — and beer to dogs of legal drinking age." Hmm, wonder if that's 21 in dog or human years?

7. The Standard Hotel may not allow children, but it does allow dogs. Your canine companion is welcome at the outdoor Bayside Grill, all hotel grounds, and the pool area (but not in the pool). Fido can enjoy a dish of ice water and a bay view while you dine alfresco. Or purchase a day pass for the pool ($75 weekdays, $125 weekends) and you and your dog can take a staycation in the sun. Don't forget that dogs' skin can burn, so put a little pet-friendly SPF on Muffin's nose and ears before she gets into her little pink two-piece.

6. The sign out front says it all: "Well behaved dogs welcome." Dogs come on foot (or paw), by car, or by boat, but they come to Scotty's Landing by the pack. And what better place for a canine companion than at your side, listening to a Southern rock cover band and getting fed bits of burger under the table? Puppy paradise.

5. Shake Shack knows the key to a Miami dog's heart is a cool dessert. While Daddy enjoys a concrete, Brutus can chill out with his own treat. The Pooch-ini ($3.75) is a sundae-style creation of dog biscuits and vanilla custard smothered in peanut butter sauce. Left Boopsie home and feeling guilty? Buy her a Bag o'Bones, a package of ShackBurger biscuits for $7.50.

4. Burger & Beer Joint's two locations offer plenty of casual outdoor seating for you and your furry rock star. Bowser can sport his favorite Harley muscle shirt and check out the bitches (we're talking female dogs here) while enjoying his very own meal — a generous portion of rice and chopped burger, compliments of the house (when Mom or Dad enjoy a meal).

3. Grove Isle Hotel & Spa stands head and tails above the rest when it comes to pampering your pooch. A complete doggie menu is served poolside daily from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and includes items such as the "go fish" (Atlantic salmon with rice and Brussels sprouts, $15/$20), canine filet with carrots ($17/$22), "South Beach canine" (veggies and brown rice, $13/$17), chicken potpie ($16/$19), and the "sinful dog" (a hot dog and fries, $12).

2. LoKal Burgers & Beer is the only place on our list with a mascot. YeYo the French Bulldog greets customers on the small patio while wearing a red LoKal shirt. Sadly, even YeYo can't enter his own establishment because of state laws. But it's all good — owner Matt Kuscher has launched a dog-specific menu. Chowhounds can choose either "Marmaduke's meatloaf" (homestyle meat loaf made with egg, wheat bran, oregano, and tomato purée) or "YeYo's Chicken & Rice" (grilled Florida chicken chopped and blended with brown rice and vegetables). Each entrée costs $6 and comes with a breath mint. Wash it down with a special YeYo's No Bullshit Brown Ale — for the dog, not you! Chef Albert's organic housemade biscuits and fresh water are always free.

1. Michael's Genuine Food & Drink tops our list of places because it's the only restaurant we know where a James Beard-nominated chef would take the time to bake doggie biscuits. Enjoy a meal with yourdog in the courtyard and your pup will be pampered with a serving of organic artisanal biscuits made lovingly by pastry chef Hedy Goldsmith. The biscuits contain 100 percent organic whole-wheat flour, organic peanut butter, and organic milk. The cost? Free! Says Goldsmith: "I would never charge a four-legged friend."

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