Miami's Ten Best Desserts

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When dining out, it can be tough to make everyone in a group happy.; Wendy is hankering for some barbeque, while Tom is in the mood for Pad Thai. The one menu item that most people can agree on, however, is dessert.

A sweet finish to any meal will make you happy in the moment. So enjoy our ten favorite desserts in Miami and remember - pictures have no calories!

10. Guava and Cream Cheese Pizza at The Joint Bar & Grill
This little father and son-run bistro in Pinecrest may best be known for its burgers and craft beer selection, but there's one item on the menu that pops up in recurring dreams. A freshly made pizza crust is topped with mozzarella and cream cheese, with guava paste serving as the "sauce".  It's sweet, salty, cheesy, and addictive ($7.99).

9. Nutella Crepe at Otentic Fresh Food Restaurant
There's a reason why crepes are a French

staple. A super-thin pancake can serve as the basis for something

savory or sweet. In this case, the perfectly made crepe is slathered

with Nutella, folded over, and served with a scoop of ice cream. At

$5.50, it's also a rare South Beach bargain.

8. Mille Feuille at Sardinia Enoteca

the name means "a thousand layers", that's a slight exageration. Still,

this gorgeous treat seems as much. In actuality, three layers of puff

pastry are filled with marscapone, chantilly and

chocolate cream, then garnished with strawberries. French dessert at an

Italian enoteca? It's a European vacation in Miami Beach ($9).

7. Key Lime Pie at Joe's Stone Crab

is probably some law on the books that every dessert list in south

Florida must include at least one Key Lime pie.  There's none better

than the pie at Joe's. Not too sweet, not too tart, creamy, and light as

a feather. Just what's needed after stuffing your face with crabs.

Have the slice for $6.95, buy an entire pie for $68.95.

6. Crème Frâiche Lemon Polenta Cake

at Bistro One LR at The Ritz-Carlton South Beach

The polenta cake takes a creamy turn for the better when scented with a

hint of lemon. To balance the tartness, executive pastry chef Jason

Morale adds citrus caramel apples and amaretto caramel sauce to this

gorgeous creation ($12).

5. Pie at The Dutch

If it seems pies are a trend, we're going along for the ride!  Pastry

chef Josh Gripper makes his daily, changing up the flavors. It doesn't

matter which fruit flavor the pie wheel stops on when you dine at The

Dutch because they're all delicious. Instead of super-sweet glop,

you'll be able to identify real fruits! Blueberry! Apple! Sour

cherry! Go ahead and go ala mode! You only live once ($12).

4. Macarons at Villa Azur
These colorful treats look

like Christmas decorations with their bright green, red, and gold colors

($12). But bite into these little confections and taste the rich

pineapple, strawberry, and pistachio flavors. Just the right amount of

sweetness without the guilt of a heavy dessert. How French is that?

3. Cake from Icebox Cafe

Oprah proclaimed this the best cake in America. We think that should

speak for itself, but allow us to elucidate. Forget the menu, walk up to

the case, and pick a cake -- any cake. They're all amazing! From the

Devil Dog cake, made with devil's food cake and creamy vanilla filling,

to strawberry shortcake to a slice of ice cream cake. For around six

bucks, you're in cake heaven.

2. S'Mores Pie in a Jar from Michael's Genuine Food & Drink

How many of us have childhood memories of making s'mores by the

campfire? Sure, it was fun, but the marshmallows always got too burnt

and the chocolate would fall into the fire. Let's face it -- it was a

lot of work for little gain. Now that you're grown up, let a

professional show you how it's really done. Hedy Goldsmith will make

you a s'more (complete with toasted marshmallows) in one compact little

jar ($11). Then, to make your heart really race, she'll add a side of

candied bacon. Bet your troop leader never did that for you!

1. Dessert Dim Sum Cart at Tudor House

Why choose one dessert when you can have the whole damn cart! This is

dessert excess my friends and it feels really good! Available on

weekends, the dessert dim sum cart at Tudor House is filled will all

kinds of treats for your decadent self to enjoy. House-made Oreo

cookies, cake pops, caramel corn, bacon doughnut holes and cupcakes in

flavors like mojito and PB&J are some of the treats available on

this ever-rotating roster of happiness. Served ala carte, each morsel

is between $3 and $5, so keep going and try one of each!

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