Miami's Five Top Fall Menus to Try

Even though Miami Spice is over, fall is here with fresh new flavors for the season. Autumn is a time for restaurants to change up their menus, concentrating on richer flavors. As the weather cools, chefs experiment with locally grown vegetables and spicy notes. Here are the five most intriguing new menus for fall in Miami.
5. Toscana Divino
Since 2012, this authentic Italian artisan kitchen has been dishing out classics. Now, Toscana Divino has divided its menu into two distinct categories. "Tradizione" highlights traditional recipes, while "Moderna" is inspired by seasonal ingredients aiming to explore the diversity of Italian cuisine. Chef Andrea Marchesin stresses that everything is made in house when possible, including cured meat, homemade pasta, and limoncello. The restaurant's goal is to capture the soul of the Italian kitchen with a twist. The pesce fresco ($23), for instance, was designed to mimic Miami's surrounding waters. According to Marchesin, "Imagine the the bottom of the sea with sunchokes representing stones, wild asparagus as algae, a black potato purée infused with squid ink, and a citrus foam represents the sea, surrounding a fillet of fresh fish."
4. River Yacht Club 
Miami’s scenic waterfront destination's rotating chef program features Alex Chang's dishes until November during lunch and dinner. Chang said he wanted to make food that would work for Miami's climate. "From there, it was just about blending my vision with the influences from the space and concept of RYC." Menu highlights include Thai-style rib-eye carpaccio topped with crispy shallots and key lime vinaigrette alongside zucchini salad ($21); half roasted Peruvian chicken ají verde with paprika and sweet corn ($36); and a whole roasted yellowtail snapper with green papaya, chermoula, and shishito peppers ($48).
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