Miami's Best Stoner Food for 4/20

Happy 4/20, the unofficial celebration of lighting up. And with the nation's views on marijuana liberalizing, we might even see a 4/20 in the near future when Miami can all light up in public. To prepare, you might want to smoke a little of the contraband. (Not that we would ever suggest anything illegal. Never.) But hey, if you do, pizza, dogs, and wings are just the kind of thing to fuel your drug-addled Monday. Though Florida turned down medical marijuana last time around, we think it'll be a go in 2016. So here are Miami's best stoner foods for you this hallowed holiday.  

Bacon Brownies at Kush
With a name like Kush, an eatery must have some good stoner-themed treats. Kush's burgers and fries are plenty tasty, but if it's something sweet you crave, go for the Kush brownie ($6). A homemade brownie is baked with chopped nuts, chopped bacon, and sea salt. Served with vanilla ice cream, it's sweet, savory, and oh so delicious. Just don't try to roll the greens in the little baggie. It's just mint. 
Steve's Pizza
Steve's Pizza is the stuff of which urban legends are made. Some say there's sugar (or grape jelly) in the sauce, which is sweeter than most marinaras. In any event, people swear by the pies. An extra-large pizza feeds at least four hungry friends for only $15.25, and the sweet sauce plays well off the salty cheese. 
Pig Wings at the Federal Food, Drink & Provisions
Hot, spicy chicken wings are delicious, but the problem is that you're mostly picking breading and bits of meat off a lot of bone. If only scientists could bring back the pterodactyl, we'd have a good-sized wing to douse with Buffalo sauce and blue cheese. Until then, the Federal makes its meaty pig wings. Although they're not really wings (pigs, alas, do not fly), just go with it and dig into this flavorful, hearty version of a stoner favorite ($7). 
Fried Chicken and Breakfast Tacos at Huahua's Taqueria
With all the taco restaurants that have popped up in Miami lately, how do you choose which one to visit when the munchies come calling? You pick the one that serves fried chicken tacos, of course. A tortilla is filled with fried chicken strips, jalapeño cornbread, cabbage, and ancho ranch dressing. And you can't miss the most important meal of the day (even if you did wake up at 4 p.m.), which is why Huahua's breakfast taco — with cheese eggs, carnitas, and hash browns — is served all day. They're $3.99 each or three of the same for $11. Take that, Taco Bell.
La Perrada de Edgar
This little Colombian-hot-dog restaurant got Anthony Bourdain's seal of approval. Bourdain chowed down on some of owner Edgar Gomez's unique Colombianos. What makes Gomez's dogs so different? His flavor profiles range from inventive to downright insane. There are nearly two dozen Colombianos to choose from, ranging from the classic Chicago dog, with tomato, onion, pepper, celery, pickle, and mustard ($6.99), to the Thai dog, with cheddar cheese, bacon, mango, chipotle, and potato sticks ($6.99). If you want to eat like Bourdain, opt for the Edgar Special, topped with mozzarella, pineapple, blackberry, plum, and whipped cream ($6.49). It's the ultimate stoner food. 

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