Miami Supercar Rooms: Dinner and Drinks in an Auto Art Gallery for $3,000

“What is it?” is the first question people always ask Miami Supercar Rooms' owner, who simply goes by the name Elo. But that’s exactly what he wants them to do, he says. “They’re confused because there’s nowhere in the world that combines these two beautiful concepts: cars and dining.”

Nestled in the heart of Wynwood, Miami Supercar Rooms (2022 NW First Ct.) offers guests the opportunity to enjoy both an auto art gallery and a gourmet dining experience — dubbed the first of its kind in the nation.

However, this luxury version of drive-in dining is as expensive as a year's worth of auto payments on your Kia. If you want to experience this one-of-a-kind concept, be prepared to shell out $3,000.

That hefty price tag includes a five-course meal with unlimited alcohol for up to six people in an outdoor aluminum pod alongside a rare supercar from Elo's collection. The evening also features a private tour of the adjacent auto art gallery, all-night DJ entertainment, a Miami Supercar Rooms tea set to take home, and the opportunity to choose one of two closed boxes, one of which contains a luxury item such as a watch, airline ticket, or key for a one-week supercar lease. 
While all of the aforementioned may be a dream come true for luxury enthusiasts, Miami's upscale foodies can look forward to the gourmet dining experience. Every month, there’ll be a different executive chef lending his or her culinary skills to satisfy South Florida’s always-changing palate. But Elo makes it clear he’s not trying to be a restaurant, but rather a venue that brings different high-quality restaurants to be a part of his vision.

“I’m the car expert, and they’re the food expert,” he says. “People can visit us 12 times of the year and eat something completely different. This month is Chef Rafael and GK Bistronomie. Next month can be comfort food from Ohio. It’s a beautiful playground.”

The idea for this only-in-Miami experience in excess stemmed from Elo’s dismay with driving nice cars to restaurants but having to park them so far away. “Every time I would get into the restaurant, I would be sweaty and so anxious,” he says. “My wife would tell me to relax, but I wouldn’t be able to because my car is outside. The day I can have a restaurant where your car can be right next to you is the day I’ll be relaxed. This is what we have here in Miami.”

The British automotive mogul, who founded UK’s London Motor Museum, showcases an array of exclusive supercars, from classic and slick to pure Miami Vice in a 15,000-square-foot venue. The collection includes rare models such as the 1961 196 SP Ferrari, 1955 SL 300 Mercedes Gullwing, and 1958 450 S Maserati.

“It was a very difficult choice because my wife and I have 247 cars in London, and I had to take the cars that would work, not necessarily the rarest, but the ones that have enough of the pizzazz, enough of the story,” Elo says. “It’s got to have some kind of mythical energy to it — something that best represents everyone’s mood.”

Miami Supercar Rooms also involves a three-tier membership program. Although individuals are granted free membership upon arrival to the venue, their ongoing membership status is determined by the type of experience they require and how often they visit.

The Black membership is for guests who wish to view the gallery of vehicles while enjoying drinks at the full bar. Silver membership grants full access to the gallery, along with other special dining privileges. And White membership offers a more premium experience, with full access and priority status for dining reservations.

“Our memberships are handed out to creative people with creative minds. There are greats all around you,” Elo says of the members and the cars.

Just as the Wynwood Walls showcase mural art in a way the city has never seen before, Miami Supercar Rooms does the same for luxury automobiles set in an all-new epicurean journey. “We fell in love with the eclectic-ness of Wynwood — the nonstructural and creative input everyone oozes,” Elo says. “This concept would only work in Wynwood.”

Miami Supercar Rooms is open from 10 a.m. Wednesday through Monday. The Auto Art Gallery is open daily to the public, except Tuesdays, free of charge. The venue is available to rent for corporate events and private functions Monday through Thursday. Dinner reservations are available Friday through Sunday from 6 p.m. to 1 a.m. 

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