Miami Spice Special: $500 Sushi Served on (Nearly) Naked Bodies (Photos)

This year Miami Spice, which starts August 1, may not only refer to ingredients on food, but also to the way we get hot about food. The Naked Sushi platter at the Kung Fu Kitchen & Sushi will get you hot for sushi, and not in a metaphorical kind of way.

For $500 you get dinner and a show; what kind of show? A sushi strip-tease of sorts. Basically, the Naked Sushi special is two live, almost naked human beings (except for the raw fish garments and leaves covering genitalia) that come out to your table covered with the best Kung Fu has to offer. It may even come with a polite conversation.

Nathan Lieberman, owner of the Catalina Hotel, said that they put out a casting call for bodies and they responded in droves.

Is it sanitary? Yes, says Lieberman. Prior to coming to the table scantily covered in raw fish, all volunteers must take group showers. The reason for the group showers is for the timeliness factor. After all, you must keep the customers happy.

The Catalina is well-suited for group showers, which can accommodate four people. First they take the volunteers to the shower for a group scrubbing. Then they are treated to a bath of sake and rose water. Women especially are notorious requiring lots of time, hence the volume. "It takes them forever to get ready as it is so they prefer the group shower," Lieberman says. "I'll scrub yours, you scrub mine."

The platter comes with two "attractive" human bodies that serves up to 10 people and is served with Kung Fu's most popular signature menu items.

Regular entrees are priced at $33 per person and included chicken teriyaki, Buddha's Delight garlic-fried tofu, sweet and sour pork or Rock'N'Roll spicy crab sticks. The lunch menu is $19, which includes signature appetizers: Tuna tartar salad, Rock shrimp and orange salad.

Desserts, which come with the meal, include items such as guava mango

cheesecake and ice cream brownie sundae. Each dinner entree comes with a

suggested wine pairing.

So they are naked, we must presume that they should be good looking,

correct? Correct, all of them are randomly chosen, but they must be

attractive. What is attractive? You tell us. This applies to men and women by the way. "We aim to please," Lieberman says. Indeed you will sir.

The special is available through August 1 to September 30. Reservations can be made at 305-600-9572. Walk-ins are welcome too.

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