Miami Beach's Miss Yip and Buck 15 Still Open for Business -- Sort Of

Rumors began circulating yesterday about the closing of Miami Beach's Miss Yip and Buck 15. A phone call to the restaurant in the morning yielded no answer, so I walked over there to see for myself.

At first glimpse, I got the impression the restaurant was being vacated. The outside sign was down, doors were wide open, and there were flyers plastered to the outside windows. Looking inside, I noticed the restaurant tables were gone, replaced by white catering tables and folding chairs. At those tables were about a half-dozen or so diners.

I was still trying to figure out whether the place was indeed open when manager Roy Yip walked over and said Miss Yip, along with Buck 15, was not closing but merely moving to a still-undisclosed location on Lincoln Road. He didn't want to say exactly where, because he said he was hammering out details with the landlord. He did say the move would happen soon -- within three to four weeks.

He also said that for at least the next three weeks or so, the current Miss Yip location and Buck 15 would remain open, although with more humble seating arrangements.

On a side note, Yip mentioned he read Short Order's not-so-glowing take on the Biscayne Boulevard location. "That's OK -- different owners," he said. "We went and trained them, and they just wouldn't listen. That's why we're at the Beach."

1661 Meridian Ave., Miami Beach

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