Mangia Mondays at Quattro Highlights Regional Italian at a Discount

With summer quickly approaching, local foodies are practically foaming at mouth for discounted fare to finally arrive. No need to wait until Miami Spice, Quattro Gastronomia Italiana on South Beach has got you covered.

Each Monday for the next three months, you can nab a three-course meal for $39 (plus twenty precent off special bottles of wine). Mangia Monday's will celebrate a region of Italy each month through a prix-fixe menu. This month's region is Piedmont, where twin chefs Nicola and Fabrizio Carro hail from.

First-course offerings included beef tartare and this tuna salad. The Insalata Russa Del Contadino featured imported Italian tuna, pickle, cucumber, legumes and a quail egg. While entirely edible, this dish was the only one that didn't wow us.

Moving on to the beef tartare; from the perfect grind of filet to the rich nuttiness of quality parmesean, it was hard to share this baby. While celery might not be your go-to tartare topper, the thin slices added texture and melded seamlessly into the dish.

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Arlyene Marie Ponce

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