Lentil Soup Recipe From The Original Daily Bread Marketplace

This is part three of our interview with Antoinette Jreij from The Original Daily Bread Marketplace. Read part one of the interview here and part two here.

You already appreciate lentils because they are incredible source of iron, but if you really want to worship the spongy, round pod inhabitants with some real diehards, plan to attend The National Lentil Festival next year in Pullman, Washington. (The site states that in 98 percent of the lentils produced in the entire United States came from the county where Pullman can be found.) Or just save some fuel and head to Daily Bread for a heaping bowl of steaming hot lentil goodness fresh from Antoinette Jreij's kitchen.

Lentil Soup

Serves 4

1 medium sweet onion, diced
1 cup dried red lentils, split and with no skins
4 cups water
¼ tsp. white pepper
juice of 2 medium lemons
4 Tbs. olive oil
salt, to taste

Directions: Saute onions in oil and add lentils. Then add water. Heat to boiling and reduce to low. Allow to simmer 30 minutes or until desired consistency is reached. Add pepper, lemon juice and salt to taste. Garnish with chopped parsley and serve with toasted pita.

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Riki Altman