Jimmy'z Wynwood Hosts Grand Opening Tomorrow Night
courtesy of Jimmy'z Wynwood

Jimmy'z Wynwood Hosts Grand Opening Tomorrow Night

For most of us, Saturday normally means beach, sand, blue water, and buckets of ice cold Corona. Well in keeping with that beach and island theme, Jimmy'z Wynwood is hosting a Grand Opening shindig tomorrow night, Saturday February 5. Pop in between 6 and 9 p.m. for a sampling of Chef Jimmy Carey's Caribbean-inspired treats.

Items like bolitas de queso con salsa de guayaba (fried cheese balls with guava sauce), aranitas (crunchy plantain "spiders"), alcapurrias (yucca fritters with meat) and, of course, Jimmy's famous mofongo will be served along with Don Q cocktails, wine and a tricked out beer selection.

Best part of all, it's GRATIS. Tasty fried snacks washed down with a rum and coke? What could be better?

If by chance you're on that thing called the Internet and know what Twitter or Facebook are, then be sure to follow them on Twitter @jimmyzwynwood and like their Facebook. They'll trade you free food and booze for free publicity. Be sure to check in on Foursquare and tweet about the festivities while you're there using the hashtag #jimmyzwynwood. RSVP here.

Jimmy'z Wynwood
2700 N Miami Ave., Miami

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