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In Photos: Pinecrest Gardens Green Market Still the Best Farmers Market in Miami

I know, I know--it's the best compared to what?  Farmers markets in Miami still have much room for improvement, yet every new season, I'm filled with optimism.  Trinkets and prepared foods still outweigh produce at local markets. These are fun to shop from, too, but the key word in "farmers market" is "farm." However, a visit to opening day at Pinecrest Gardens Green Market on a cool, crisp Sunday made me hopeful.

Pinecrest Gardens Green Market won Best Farmers Market 2010 for its offerings of fruits and vegetables, compared to other markets in South Florida. I was reminded of why this Sunday. So were a lot of others: it was hard to walk through the market without bumping elbows with somebody.  The Redland Organics booth was especially packed.  As New Times stated when the market won its award: "The Redland Organics booth alone is worth the visit if you don't mind paying a little more."

Photos of a glorious farmers market day after the jump...

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Trina Sargalski