Hoh Wok Club Will Eat Natalie Portman at Little Lotus Saturday

Eleanor Hoh, who teaches and preaches healthy wok cookery, will hold a Hoh Wok Club gathering this Saturday at Little Lotus in downtown Miami.

This little hideaway, serving Japanese, Indonesian, and Malaysian cuisine, is exactly the kind of restaurant Hoh looks for when planning a lunch. The five-course menu was created especially for the Wok Club by Little Lotus chefs Michael Asalie and Inyoman Atmaja, with input by Hoh.

Hoh started the Hoh Wok Club in 2005 as a way to explore Miami restaurants with a group of kindred spirits. Participation is open to all people but consists mostly of past Wok Star students and friends.

The restaurants are generally Asian-inspired because, as Hoh puts it, "It's food I know something about. For me, eating out has to be a complete experience, and in Miami, unfortunately, not many Asian eateries have both good food and a nice ambiance."

Though the Hoh Wok Club isn't meant to be preachy, Hoh wants there to be some learning curve. She'd like people to leave the lunch thinking, Wow, I never knew Indonesian food tasted like this -- it has very different flavors I've never experienced. I must say Chef Michael's creations are so unique, a mix of Indonesian and Japanese. What a nice way to spend an afternoon and meet so many new friends.

As for eating Natalie Portman: Hoh explains that one of Little Lotus's owners, Sari, named a dessert of banana wrapped with sushi rice -- that's deep fried, topped with coconut flakes, and served with wine glaze sauce and fresh strawberries -- after the vegetarian starlet.

The Hoh Wok Club lunch at Little Lotus, this Saturday, September 17, at 12:30 p.m., is $25 per person, including tax and tip (excludes drinks, which are available at a cash bar). Lunch is limited to 38 people, and reservations and prepayment are required. To reserve, call 305-533-2700 and ask for manager Andi (mention Wok Star event). Here's the menu, including Natalie Portman:

Salmon Bola: Baked Salmon with seaweed salad.
Crispy Bok Choy: Deep Fried Chips with garlic sauce.

Second Course
Beef Rendang: Indonesian Stewed Beef, slightly sweet.
Gado-Gado: Indonesian Steamed Vegetable Salad with peanut sauce dressing

Third Course
Crispy Paratha Tuna: Japanese/ Malaysian Pizza Style with sweet onion sauce

Fourth Course
Laksa Ayam: Malaysian Chicken Curry with coconut milk and rice noodles

Natalie Portman: banana wrapped with sushi rice deep fried, topped with coconut flakes, and served with wine glaze sauce and fresh strawberries.

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