"I can be your hero, baby!"EXPAND
"I can be your hero, baby!"
Photo by Carina Ost

Heros Subs in North Miami: Red, White and Blue for July 4

Heroes who stand the the test of time are hard to come by, and so are those of the sandwich variety. Thankfully, a month ago, a new sub shop called Heros opened up in North Miami. The vibe is classic Americana with some unpretentious but delicious sandwiches.

Hidden in a strip mall, this super Heros quietly awaits its call to fame, like Clark Kent before the glasses come off and the cape comes on.

A hero in hiding.EXPAND
A hero in hiding.
Photo by Carina Ost

Enter the deli and see a wall of heroes to inspire and rev up your appetite. 

Heroes on display.EXPAND
Heroes on display.
Photo by Carina Ost

The menu features subs, wraps and salads. Try the American Hero ($8.50 for 8-inch or $10.50 for a 12-inch). This best seller sandwich comes with trio of roast beef, turkey and ham — just like red, white and blue. The stars and stripes come from the cheese and condiments, which include lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, onion, sweet and banana peppers, jalapeños, and black olives. 

The nice thing about Heros subs is that a server slices the meat and cheese right in front of you on each sandwich and you get a choice of white or wheat bread. 

A hero being born.EXPAND
A hero being born.
Photo by Carina Ost

Other sandwiches to try are the G.I. Joe with salami, ham, roast poark and ham, the Ricky Ricardo their version of a Cuban sandwich and the Full Metal Jacket which is a hot meatball hero.

Also, for future reference their Einstein is their veggie sub, the Ronald Reagan has turkey and cheese and if you are looking for pastrami, try the JFK.

Heros Subs in North Miami: Red, White and Blue for July 4EXPAND
Photo by Carina Ost

This place is fun and the sandwiches are simple, wholesome, and perfect for this freedom celebrating time of year!

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