Have an Aphrodisiac Dinner at Veganaroma for Valentine's Day

A big, fat steak, an overly decadent dessert, and too many glasses of wine does not for romance make. When stomachs are full and food comas set in, things are likely to fizzle back in the bedroom

It makes much more sense to enjoy a lighter, aphrodisiac-inspired meal on the most romantic day of the year. Veganaroma is serving up a four-course holiday menu designed to keep couples feeling sexy, instead of stuffed.

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For starters, diners will enjoy soup made with red roasted peppers and tomatoes. "Love" will be scrawled on top using cashew and lime drizzle. Next, a bruschetta made with chopped tomatoes, basil and garlic over Ezekiel bread. Then, a main course of stuffed portobello mushrooms with beet-cashew cheese or eggplant lasagna dell'amore on a bed of spinach. Lastly, for dessert, strawberry and chocolate cheesecake. To drink, a glass of red sangria with fruit or a non-alcoholic passion fruit tea.

So what makes this menu aphrodisiac? It's all about the ingredients, says Veganaroma owner and nutrition coach Sabina Torrieri.

Pure chocolate is the king of natural aphrodisiacs, she says, and contains a psychoactive, feel-good chemical known as anandamide, plus the love chemical PEA (phenylethylamine).

Basil has a lovely aroma, and is very stimulating, Torrieri says.

"Using sweet basil in a pasta sauce will be sure to get your heart racing. Maybe this explains why Italians are so romantic!"

"Garlic is strong, which is exactly what it will happen to guys. It is chock full of allicin, an ingredient that will increase blood flow. So, whip up an extra-garlicky dish and keep the Altoids handy," she adds.

Then there are strawberries. Not only do they look like hearts, they've been touted as an

aphrodisiac since the days of ancient Rome, and were known as a symbol of Venus.

All of the above are part of the menu, so the meal should set the stage for sexytime.

The dinner runs from 6 to 11 p.m. on Saturday, February 14. Tickets are $79 per couple or $40 per person. Call 305-444-3826 to reserve your seats.

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