Get Doritos Loaded, Mtn Dew Solar Flare at Midnight Tonight, Hours Before the Rest of the Country

We all know living in Miami comes with its own unique set of perks.

We enjoy year-round beach days, have a great basketball team, and can usually spot a Kardashian any time we head over to South Beach.

Plus, we're the first kids on the block to get our hands on the new Doritos Loaded. Last week, the Doritos Lounge rolled into town, giving our fair city a taste of the new snack. If you didn't get the opportunity to try them at the exclusive RSVP-only 7-Eleven events, you've got a second chance tonight.

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These triangles of molten cheese, dusted in Doritos nacho goodness then fried will be available exclusively at Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Seattle, and Portland 7-Eleven stores Wednesday, July 2 from midnight to 2 a.m. That means that when the clock strikes 12 tonight you've got two hours to get your fix of Doritos Loaded before most everyone on the planet. Four of these beauties will cost you $1.99.

In case you sleep in and miss the cheesy excitement, Doritos Loaded will be available nationwide the following morning, Wednesday, July 2 (but what fun is that?).

Like any fine dining experience, you must pair Doritos Loaded with the proper beverage. In case you can't find a bottle of a rare vintage cabernet, may we suggest some Mtn Dew Solar Flare? This blend of "Dew" and tropical fruit punch is the first-ever exclusive Mountain Dew flavor created for 7-Eleven's Gig Gulp machine. Hey, if you're gonna go...go large!

Of course, nothing really happens unless you tweet about it, so you're invited to share your first bites by tweeting to @7Eleven with hashtag #DoritosLoaded.

So far, the tweets are amazing, with people thanking God:

Throwing intrigue and mystery into the mix:

Of course, there are the Debbie Downers of the world, too:

Lighten up, folks! It's a snack that sounds totally awesome. We suggest trying a few of these after a late night booze binge before immediately starting some juice cleanse.

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