Gene Simmons and Shannon Tweed Getting Married: Ten Kiss Cake Ideas

Kiss frontman Gene Simmons and former Playboy Playmate Shannon Tweed will finally tie the knot -- after being together for 28 years and raising two children to adulthood.

We're wondering two things: Where's our wedding invitation? (People got one.) And what would a Kiss-themed wedding look like?

We're not sure exactly what the wedding planner has in mind, but if we planned the menu, we would serve tongue!

If Gene and Shannon are reading this, we have ten ideas for their wedding cake (branding opportunities included):

10. This Kiss logo sheet cake reminds the bride and groom to lock lips and puts a residual check in Gene Simmons pocket.

9. This cake is perfect for a couple who make wonderful music together... or want to spend eternity engulfed in flames.

8. What's more rock 'n' roll (or permanent) than a tattoo?

7. Weddings are all about the bride, so why not mark the day by celebrating Shannon Tweed's Playboy past?

6. The happy couple could go literal with this Hershey's Kiss cake.

5. This cake serves as a happy reminder of why Shannon probably stayed with Gene after all these years -- that tongue.

4. Every cake needs a topper. Here's one that celebrates Shannon's catch. Or death grip, depending on how you interpret it.

3. Awwww, all the band members signed their best wishes on this cake.

2. Three tiers combine traditional with rock 'n' roll. Unfortunately, they got the wrong band member to marry Shannon. Oh well, what happens on the road stays on the road.

1. The perfect cake for the bride and groom. A classic three-tiered confection decked out in bling.

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