Five Yummy Comfort Foods for Lonely Souls on Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is quickly approaching, and for the not-so-happily single, there isn't much time left to find that special someone. But no worries. For those who are lonely on V-Day, food is always there to soothe the soul and fill the tummy.

So if you're solo on the big day, you can make sweet love to some comfort-food favorites instead of, you know, another human being. Short Order has rounded up the best options and where to find them in our fair city.

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5. Chicken soup. If you're fresh out of your grandma's home-cooked cure-all, you can still get some that's almost just as good. Score yourself a cup of La Carreta's version and you'll be feeling better in no time. Good enough to get out on the market for a little action. 4. Macaroni 'n' cheese. If the rich, decadent deliciousness of a cheesy pasta mashup doesn't make you happy, we don't know what will. Luckily, Yardbird's version is pretty much perfect. Much more perfect than your crazy ex. 3. Apple pie. There ain't nothing more American than apple pie -- American pie, so to speak (not a bad movie choice on V-Day, actually). And Miami Beach's Icebox Café serves a mean streusel apple pie. 2. Mashed potatoes. Potatoes might be the perfect food. When mashed with butter and salt, they're as close to heaven a you're probably bound to get. They're so good they'll almost make up for that lack of nookie in your life. And Blue Collar whips up a tasty batch. 1. Biscuits. If you thought KFC's were good, you ain't seen nothing yet. The Federal makes a batch of honey-brushed cheese biscuits so good you'll forget about your crushing loneliness for the evening. Promise.


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