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Five Miami Spots Redefining Gas-Station Food

Forget everything you think you know about gas station food. Abandon thoughts of soggy pizza, unidentifiable empanadas, and an unfriendly staff. The underground, hole-in-the-wall restaurant is on the rise, and the modern wave of foodies knows that good eats can truly come from anywhere. Offering everything from handmade sandwiches with fresh-baked Cuban bread to romantic sit-down dinners, each of these gas stations offers a delicious surprise. Leave your worries at the pump and fuel up at the Miami spots redefining convenience-store cuisine.

5. Taqueria Morelia at Valero Station
It may seem strange to find tacos at a Valero service station, but it's actually a pretty natural fit. After all, tacos are the ultimate on-the-go food: portable, handheld, and delicious. Honestly, we're wondering why they're not a gas-station standard. Luckily, Taqueria Morelia has it covered whenever that Mexican craving strikes, with creamy quesos, packed burritos, and enchiladas smothered in signature homemade sauces. There's a second location in Florida City, but at this Homestead storefront attached to a Valero station, you can use filling up as an excuse to chow down.

4. Europa Car Wash & Café
In most car-wash waiting areas, you’ll find stiff plastic couches, a clunky TV, and, if you’re lucky, a dispenser of day-old, lukewarm coffee. This makes walking into Europa Car Wash & Café even more of a pleasant surprise. It’s a sweet escape to a cozy yet contemporary café on an unassuming Biscayne Boulevard corner. Have your ride hand-washed while you enjoy coffeehouse classics and made-to-order sandwiches in the $5-to-$7 range. A full tank, a clean car, and great food? Sounds like the perfect pit stop.

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