Favorite Dishes: Nutella Crêpe at A La Folie

Crêpe cravings have apparently seized me, as I only recently touted

savory ham and cheese crêpes at Otentic on Washington

Avenue. And now I'm back to share my enthusiasm for A La Folie's Nutella crêpe.

The batter here is made with buckwheat flour, which lends a better

flavor than plain white flour. The hazelnut spread (over 50 hazelnuts per 13-ounce jar!) is folded

within the delicate pancake and drizzled on top. At $4.95, it's about

as good a deal as you'll find for dessert, an accompaniment to

afternoon café au lait, or even as a sweet start to your day. Plus A La

Folie recreates the French café scene, indoors and out, as well as

anyone in Miami: French owners (from Toulouse), French ambiance,

French accents, French food and French service -- meaning zee crêpe

will come out when zey get around to it, no? The second locale on the

west side of South Beach serves equally good fare, but doesn't feel

quite as Parisian.

A La Folie

516 Española Way, Miami Beach


1701 Sunset Harbor Dr., Miami Beach


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