Essencia's Summer Kisses, Disses to Miss Yip and Miami Spice

*Essencia Restaurant & Lounge at The Palms Hotel & Spa has just introduced a new summer menu. Executive chef Frank Jeannetti, who refers to his restaurant food as "the pure essence of taste", is including new items -- for instance, miso-glazed black cod with celery root puree and shaved radish salad. And speaking of salads, one of the new ones is made from organic orchid petals. Pastry Chef Gail Goetsch is also kicking in with hot weather treats such as a raspberry lavender-honey Napoleon with candied lemon sorbet and mint syrup. For reservations: 305-908-5458.

*Maybe before Amir Ben-Zion goes opening up another restaurant, he ought to focus a bit on sharpening the cuisine at Miss Yip Chinese Cafe. I mean it's not exactly improving on its own.

*If you knew that a television set you wanted was going on sale in August, would you run out and buy it in July? Probably not. So if Miami Spice, which begins August 1, represents real savings when dining out at participating restaurants, doesn't it make sense to wait things out a couple of weeks in regards to visiting these places? Just saying.

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