Enagic's Kangen Water is Ionized Right Here In Miami. Get Your PH Up

Enagic USA is a company in the water industry that specializes in sales and manufacture of ionizing machines. What the hell are those and what exactly do they do? It's difficult to understand, but supposedly it's good for you. Basically it processes water in a way that changes its molecular structure and balances your body's PH using alkalinity against the acid of a processed food lifestyle.

You can buy a machine to produce your own Kangen water, as it's called, from Enagic salesman Michael Katz, who claims that high PH ionized water eliminates toxicity, reverses aging, and hydrates the body on a cellular level using water that is electronically configured into micro clusters that reach the body where regular water can't.

According to Katz, machines range in price from $1,200 to $6,000 for a range of uses from personal to industrial. One can even create separate water types for drinking, bathing, and cleaning uses.

Apparently the water ionization industry is extremely competitive and companies seem to routinely use the internet to fabricate trusted sources to add to their or detract from other's businesses.

A simple google search for "Kangen water" turns up a front page full of scam this, myth that, and we're the original. Companies use a variety of shell domains and sponsored ads on key words to propogate the appearance of a truth formed by concensus.

Water is definitely big business, and many believe future wars will be fought over it. For now, just know that if you want to buy an ionizing machine you can get one here in Miami. According to salesman Michael Katz the Obama's own one, Bobby Flay bought one, and The Lakers drink it.

Want more info? Do some research first, then call Michael Katz at 954-680-7616.

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Jacob Katel
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