Dunkin' Donuts App Lets You Pay By Phone

Here's the scenario. You've just finished your morning run and you pass by a Dunkin' Donuts. You're craving a nice non-fat latte. You deserve it after a tough five miles. You walk into the shop and realize you have no money!  You want that latte! What do you do?

Pay with your phone with the new Dunkin' Donuts app.

This free app, available for both iPhone and Android phones, allows you to pay for your purchases virtually, look up the nearest Dunkin' Donuts location, and get nutritional information on menu items.

Plus, you can send a virtual Dunkin' Donuts gift card to someone -- which is great when you completely forgot your Assistant's birthday.

We took the app for a test drive. After downloading onto our iPhone, we were asked to register with our email address. You can also opt out of getting marketing messages at this point.

Before you can use your app, you have to purchase a Dunkin' Donuts gift card, either online or in store. Then, once you have money in the account, you pay by showing the screen to the cashier. Funds are automatically deducted from your balance.

A handy map function shows you where the nearest location is. Perfect for when you're on the road.

Hmmm..What to order? The menu function gives you options, as well as nutritional information, which helps remind you to stay with the bagel and black coffee after a workout.

To pay for a purchase, just tap on your order selections and click to pay. The total will come up along with a specially generated Q Code. Show the phone to the cashier and you're all paid up.

We haven't tried this function yet, but the app also allows you to send a virtual gift to someone.

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