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Diners Can’t Go Wrong at Philly-Based Green Eggs Cafe in Aventura

It's green and it serves breakfast. Or at least that’s how Green Eggs Cafe started out.

The Philadelphia-based restaurant kicked off 2015 by opening its first out-of-state location in Aventura and has already experienced some success. The full-service eatery prides itself on being environmentally friendly, buying only locally grown ingredients, making everything from scratch, and consistently serving delicious meals.

“What we're trying to do is offer a casual dining place where you can feel comfortable in any attire, at any time of day, and still receive high-quality service,” co-owner Stephen Slaughter says. “I also love South Florida and saw a need for what we do.”

Brunch locations continue to sprout across the area, but North Miami-Dade was undeniably dealt the shorter end of the stick in terms of brunching options, which explains why Slaughter decided to set up shop in the City of Excellence.

Celebrated for signature brunch dishes like eggs Benedict ($10), red velvet pancakes ($15) and a plethora of French toast options  ($13), the eatery recently extended its hours – now open until 9 p.m. daily to serve breakfast for dinner or just plain dinner.

“You can have lunch first thing in the morning or eggs and bacon right before closing,” Slaughter jokes. “The last thing we do is restrict based on time.”

For first-time diners, Slaughter recommends the crème brûlée French toast, the café’s bestseller.

Besides providing high-quality food and service, Green Eggs maintains an eco-conscious philosophy — buying fresh, locally grown products; recycling all paper, aluminum, glass, and plastic products; and using biodegradable take-out containers. The restaurant also forbids the use of Styrofoam products and plastic bottled beverages.

“The one thing we're missing at our Aventura location is our compost pile,” Slaughter says. “All of our food and organic waste is composted instead of being put to waste, but we don’t have permission yet to add that component at this location.”

But to Green Eggs, being green is more than taking care of the environment; it also means taking care of its food. The restaurant doesn’t own one microwave or freezer. Everything you see inside the café is made fresh and from scratch that day, something Slaughter believes most places can’t offer.

In addition, diners might notice a “V” or “P” next to certain plates on the menu. Green Eggs boasts a range of vegan and pork-free options for customers with dietary needs.

But make no mistake: The fact that “green” is in the restaurant’s name and its menu caters to vegans doesn’t make this restaurant the healthiest option.

“The biggest misconception is that we are healthy,” Slaughter laughs. “Just because we are 'green' doesn’t mean we're healthy, and we’re not trying to trick anyone into thinking that either.”

However, if you're interested in fresh, unprocessed ingredients, this is the place. In case you're on a calorie-controlled diet, Slaughter assures that guests can find healthier options or make special requests to cut calories from their favorite dishes.

But when menu options include tiramisu French toast, chicken 'n' waffles Benedict ($13), and Buffalo chicken mac 'n' cheese ($13), it might be time to start that beach-body diet. So get up a little earlier or stay up a little later to work off that traditional brunch or breakfast-for-dinner combo.

Green Eggs Cafe is located at 18729 Biscayne Blvd. in Aventura.

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