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Delivery Dudes Bring Midtown's Best Eats to Your Door for $5

Delivery Dudes, a concept launched in Delray Beach in 2009, has opened shop in midtown Miami by territory co-owners, Shaun Blanford and Evan Marcus, to bring dinner to your door for $5 -- or $7 if you pay with a card.

The company rethinks the way delivery has been done for decades to include quality customer service and strategic timing that makes upmarket, local establishments comfortable with the idea of their best entrées going out the door. The pair's Rolodex of partners features some of the city's top spots, including the District, Oak Tavern, Gigi, R House, and Bunnie Cakes, all of which did not offer delivery to hungry at-home diners until Delivery Dudes. The guys also provide a full-service concierge service and will pick up anything you need in their zone for an additional fee.

"We have a strong emphasis on customer service and act as an extension of the restaurants we work with," Marcus says. "We represent them when we come to your door and want to give you the same hospitality and service you'd expect at the restaurant you're ordering from. We're raising expectations for delivery across the board."

In addition to offering great customer service to clients, Marcus and co-owner Blanford are passionate about selecting partners that they frequent themselves.

To place an order, visit or call 305-570-4424. All of the menus are listed on the website and divided into open and closed restaurants so you can easily see what's available at any given time. Menus are updated regularly, and specials are just a phone call away. Once you place your order, the Delivery Dudes check in on their drivers' locations and call the restaurant to place your order for ultimate pick-up timing.

For example, if they know that the Babbo pizza ($13) at Café Babbo takes five minutes to fire but a driver is ten minutes away, they'll wait to place the order until the driver is in range. This also takes all the responsibility off the restaurants and allows their staffs to do what they do best. When your food arrives, you have the option of paying with cash or card via Square before indulging in your feast.

Delivery Dudes Midtown services clients from 11th to 54th streets east of I-95. Check their website and social media pages for specials, promotions, and new partners. Delivery Dudes also has similar services for Coconut Grove, South Beach, and Coral Gables.

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