DB Bistro Moderne's Sommelier Picks Five Holiday Gifts for the Wine Lover

Christmas is officially a week away, and while there are those who purchased their holiday gifts far in advance (who has time for that?), we know there are still a frantic few who are desperately in search of thoughtful presents for their loved ones.

If you fall into the latter category, these tips from DB Bistro Moderne's sommelier, Christopher Birnie-Visscher, might ease your delirium.

Here, in his words, are five holiday gift ideas for the wine lover in your life.

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1. Wine Glasses

"For a wine lover, investing in a good set of wine glasses is essential. Start simple: Having a set of Bordeaux and Burgundy glasses is a great way to start out. For the money, I feel Schott Zwiesel's Forte collection delivers the best value."

2. AH-SO

"This German-made wine opener is a must for removing fragile, old, or dry corks without damage. It's also useful for reinserting a cork into a bottle to maintain maximum freshness."

3. Cheesecloth

"You have decided to open that 30-year-old Bordeaux and want to enjoy every last drop. As wine ages, sediment naturally forms within the bottle. Having a few sheets of cheesecloth is ideal in this situation."

4. Decanter

"Decanters have multiple purposes. Whether you want to aerate a wine or separate the wine from its sediment, a decanter is essential for every home bar."

5. Coravin

"The Coravin is a beautiful revelation. Looking similar to a microscope, the Coravin System places a thin, hollow needle through the cork to extract the wine. You don't need to remove the foil, or the cork, to access the wine. The bottle is then pressurized with argon, an inert gas that's in the air we breathe. Once the bottle has been pressurized, the wine flows through the needle and pours into your glass. When the Coravin System and its needle are removed, the cork reseals itself. The remaining wine never comes in contact with oxygen and continues to evolve naturally. The Coravin retails for $299 in the United States."

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