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Day Two of the Blueprint Cleanse: Juice In, Juice Out

The question I was asked most often as I traipsed about town yesterday slurping down my various Blueprint Cleanse (BPC) juices was, "So, are you hungry?" Truth is, I really never got downright starving. There were times where I felt a bit puckish and, by the time one hour and 45 minutes had passed, I was certainly counting down the next 15 minutes waiting for the next drink, but it really wasn't all that awful. Well, for the most part...

My morning "feast" started at 9 a.m. with a green drink containing romaine lettuce, green apples, spinach, kale, and some other fruits and veggies. Yeah, it was totally weird to be drinking a salad in the morning, but I actually found the drink rather refreshing. Much more so than the usual hard-boiled egg or bowl of steel cut oatmeal I usually consume.

The second drink, a combo of pineapple, mint, and apple was OMG delicious. One would only have to throw a little vodka in there and some posh hotel would have a hit for happy hour. But, alas, I guess that would defeat the purpose...

I consumed the third drink at 1 p.m., and it was the same as the first. However this time it seemed a bit better. Perhaps this was because my stomach was used to having salad around this hour?

Drink number four was a kicky lemonade with cayenne pepper. Seemed a cakewalk after I tried one of those Prometheus Springs lemon-ginger deals last week. At least BPC's version didn't make me want to cry out in pain. [Hey, did someone say cake?? Sigh.]

It was drink number five I truly dreaded. Somehow it's blood red color and ingredient list (starring beets) wasn't what I was craving at 5 p.m. I slugged it down just before a Core Fusion class at Exhale (more on that tomorrow) and felt queasy and burpy. Please, O gods of the Cleanse, do not make me barf pink in the middle of doing crunches. 

The last drink of the day was the one I craved most. A white combo of cashews, cinnamon, and vanilla bean seemed the perfect dessert to cap off the day of drinks. But after downing the contents of bottle number six at 7 p.m. I had to rank it below numbers two and four, finding it not as sweet as I had hoped. 

While journaling my thoughts on the juices, I noticed an e-mail from Autumn Raab, the certified holistic health coach I spoke with to prep for the cleanse. She wrote: "I am checking in to see how you are doing on your first day of cleansing. Please feel free to connect with me on your experience."

I responded, "It was a little weird adjusting to it all today. I got a little hungry about 15 mins before each drink and got full-on nauseous at around 5 p.m. Ran to the bathroom and let it fly (out of the backend, blessedly). I know that's probably TMI, but I thought since you are a nutritionist you can handle the truth. Is that normal?"

"As for your backend blowout," she replied, "welcome to the world of cleansing. Do you usually have a normal elimination process? Most people should go after each meal, however the majority may go at least 2x a day. I hope you are drinking plenty of water."

More liquid? I literally think I peed at least 10 times yesterday as it was! Today I guess I'll carry around my aluminum bottle filled with green tea. And I'll be sure to stay near a restroom at all times. 

Check in tomorrow to see if I feel more cleansed or just cranky.

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