Critical Mass: Cycling Ice-Cream Chef to Offer Halloween Treats Tomorrow

Critical Mass, the monthly cycling frenzy with more than 2,000 participants, will take place tomorrow. And Aleric "AJ" Constantin, the chef who made headlines in July after police arrested him for selling ice cream without a license, will offer Halloween-inspired treats.

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Constantin has big plans for the occasion. He built a stage on the back of a pickup truck, where he'll make ice cream using liquid nitrogen.

The flavor of the night: pumpkin ale ice cream with candy corn and a drizzle of salted, allspice-spiked caramel. The treat, made entirely with organic ingredients, will cost $5.

To find the chef, just look for the guy dressed as Waldo. "It's the only Halloween costume I have," Constantin jokes.

For him, the past few months have been tumultuous. There was his arrest and the subsequent dismissal of charges. Then the ice-cream chef landed a new job. Formerly a line cook at Michael's Genuine Food & Drink, Constantin now works at Nemesis Urban Bistro as owner Micah Edelstein's sidekick.

"I love Nemesis because of the artistic freedom I have. Micah's food is intricate and eclectic. Lots of ingredients and textures contribute to one dish," he explains. "It's a complete departure from the simplicity of Michael's, where ingredients were in their simplest form."

So remember: At tomorrow's Critical Mass, find Waldo.

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