Coca-Cola Drops Holiday "Arctic Home" Coke Can

As another testament to the power of social media, Coca-Cola has abandoned the holiday save-the-polar-bear white Coke cans after a number of tweets and Facebook posts from confused consumers.

Complaints were posted to the company's official blog, Facebook, and Twitter over how the white can resembled the silver Diet Coke can.

Posts also expressed dissatisfaction over taste, saying it differed from the formula in the red cans. Others drew comparisons to the '80s "New Coke" fiasco when company executives changed the original recipe after 99 years.

In response, Coca-Cola posted a fact sheet to clear any confusion about the white cans.

Coca-Cola introduced the first batch of cans for the holidays November 1. Successive batches were to run through February of next year.

The Arctic Home can featuring the iconic polar bear was part of a campaign to boost holiday sales and promote a partnership with the World Wildlife Fund. Special texting codes were listed to to donate $1 to the WWF to help protect the polar bear's arctic habitat. Coke also promised to match $1 million in donations.

Collectors, hurry up, for these cans will not last very long. To all of the other skeptics, be glad it's not like Crystal Clear Pepsi!

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