Chocolate Toothpaste Is a Real Thing

In an episode of Bewitched, the television show about witches and admen that predates Mad Men by a few decades, Samantha once again saves her husband Darrin Stephens' hide by inventing "tooth paints", toothpaste in different colors and wacky fruit flavors. The idea was a hit on the show but, apparently, way ahead of its time. Until now.

Introducing Crest Be, a line of flavored toothpaste that's set to arrive in stores any day now.

The flavors? There's Lime Spearmint Zest, with "all the energy of lime flavor with all the coolness of spearmint", Vanilla Mint Spark, and the biggest, baddest, flavor -- Mint Chocolate Trek, which is being marketed for "daredevils" who want to take their mouths on an "exhilarating ride."

We're not so sure about the whole "brushing your teeth with thin mints" concept, and we're assuming (hoping) that the actual paste will be standard toothpaste white (and not chocolate icing-colored). Apparently, however, Proctor & Gamble is pretty bullish on people really wanting to have chocolate breath first thing in the morning.

According to the Wall Street Journal, P&G's finance chief, Jon Moeller, noted the new products on an earnings call last week, stating the company is excited about "a very strong oral care innovation bundle" that includes the strange-flavored products.

We'll just have to wait, because the toothpastes marketed to be "anything but boring" comes out in just a few weeks. We can't wait for the Doritos-flavored Listerine, which is probably in development phase as we write this.

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