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Cheese Plate at The Cheese Course

​There are cheeses galore to choose from at The Cheese Course-some 150 from around the globe. At lunchtime the place fills up indoors and out, as people munch on cheese-adorned sandwiches and salads, or go purist and order a platter of fromage. For $7.95, you can pick any cheese you'd like with any accompaniment -- the latter includes things such as cornichons, sundried tomatoes, pesto, tapenade, etc. Slices of white or wheat baguette come alongside on a wood board.

You can choose two cheeses for $10.95, three for $14.95, or a six-category sampler for $22.95. These are all swell for sharing, but if dining alone, a single cheese will not only suffice, but makes a sweet little affordable lunch or snack. Yesterday I stopped in just for an afternoon bite and had some Il Boschetto al Tartufo, a mild semisoft sheep/cow blend dotted with black truffles. I choose olives as my accompaniment (you get a few varieties, which isn't evident by the photo -- plus you get more cheese than is shown).

Add a beer ($3.95) or glass of wine ($5.95 to $9.45) and you've got yourself a European lunch in midtown Miami.

The Cheese Course
3451 NE First Ave., Miami

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