Cayman Cookout Chef Interview: Host Eric Ripert Shares How to Eat Local On-Island, Proves Chivalry Is Not Dead

If you have your pointer finger on the pulse of the global food community and its star chefs, you would know this past weekend was the Ritz-Carlton Grand Cayman's second annual Cayman Cookout

We're referring to the island rendezvous of illustrious professional cooks including José Andrés, David

Chang, Dean Fearing, Grant Achatz, and Anthony Bourdain, joined by our own trailblazing talents Cindy Hutson, Dean Max, Michael Schwartz, Sara Mair (of Top

Chef 3) and Paula Desilva (of Hell's Kitchen 5).

You probably would also have tweeted that it was hosted by the seafood sovereign and delightfully gracious chef Eric Ripert, who oversees the property's dining, such as its flagship Blue.

Admit it. You wish you were us. Wish you were there on Seven Mile Beach. Grand Cayman. Cayman Islands. The Caribbean.

No worries. We caught some time with the host at the Cayman Cultural Showcase, this past Thursday's welcome event on the hotel beachfront, celebrating Caymanian art, heritage, and food. 

Notice the eye contact. Even with fun distractions! Bourdain and Andrés, with antics in the wings... Certainly if there ever were a chef who could compel the queen to knight a Frenchman, this is her gentleman. Voilà!

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Jackie Sayet