Cacique's Corner, Miami River Cafe, and Indian Palate in the Gables Busted

Can you smell what the rats are cooking, or do you just eat it without knowing? Here are five local restaurants nailed with emergency closures by the Florida DBPR. These verdicts halt a restaurant's operations until violations are corrected.

They include bad news for judges, cops, lawyers, and regular people. Here are the five worst food inspection violators of the past month.

5. Indian Palate
2120 Salzedo St., Coral Gables
April 22, 2010
Full report.
Worst offense: "roach activity as evidenced by 80-plus live roaches found in the kitchen."

4. Miami River Café

350 NW Eighth Ave., Miami
April 20, 2010
Full report.
Worst offense:  "15 live roaches in the kitchen area."

3. Kon Chau Restaurant of Miami

8376 Bird Rd., Miami
April 9, 2010
Full report.
Worst offense: 21 fresh and dried rodent droppings throughout restaurant.

2. Original Pam Pi Gou

12190 NW Seventh Ave., Miami
April 2, 2010
Full report.
Worst offense: 17 live roaches and 20-plus rodent droppings.

1. Cacique's Corner

100 W. Flagler St, Miami
March 30, 2010
Full report.
Worst offense: "10 live roaches found in kitchen."

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