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Burr's Berry Farm Open for Its 46th Season

Burr's Berry Farm,opened yesterday (Nov. 28) for its 46th season with delicious farm fresh produce and baked goodies! As we shot some behind-the-scenes pics yesterday, we enjoyed the heavenly smell of homemade banana breads fresh out of the oven.

Besides produce and baked goods, Burr's sells hand-canned jams made from their fruit.

​The varieties include: guava, mango, pepper jelly, starfruit, strawberry (of course), peach, and this year they've introduced papaya. For those hesitant to taste papaya jam, thinking it'll taste like the raw fruit, fuhgedaboutit. The flavor is more mellow and akin to the dried variety. I spoke to owner Kathy McGee Burr who, with a smile across her face, told me, "I am in love with this papaya jam, it is so good.

When we asked when we might expect the first baskets of strawberries for purchase, she replied, "The strawberries are still growing, and we should have pint and quart sizes sometime between mid-to-late December. Right now, all the strawberries are going into our shakes and ice cream." Yum!

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