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Brunch at Michael's Genuine Food & Drink

Sunday brunch at Michael's Genuine Food & Drink, (on NE 40th Street in the Design District) is divided into six categories: savory, sweets, eggs & things, breads, meats and snacks. The items arrive in small portions to be shared. You can eat light or scarf down fattening, fried and filling food. Sit outside under the umbrellas to enjoy the casual bistro-style atmosphere.

Try the wild salmon-fennel hash for

$9, which is served up with an organic fried egg. The potatoes are

cooked in olive oil and seasoned with fresh turmeric. The wood oven

roasted double yolk egg for $7 is also a hearty choice that is flavored

with roasted tomato, cave aged Gruyere, chives and sourdough crostini.

There are 10 selections on

the sweet menu. Some of the best sellers include the homemade doughnuts

for $4 or the homemade pop-tarts for $5. The doughnuts are sugar coated

and come with popcorn cream or dulce de leche fillings. The

pop tarts are flaky on the outside and stuffed with a hot and gooey

fruit filling. You get one blackberry pop-tart and one yuzu pop-tart.

Yuzus are actually quite uncommon in the United States, so don't worry

if you have never heard of these before. They are sour citrus fruits

that are about the size of a tangerine and come from Asia. Needless to

say, these pop-tarts are nothing like the favorite breakfast food you

gobbled down as a child.

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