Bobby Flay Says El Rey De Las Fritas Makes Best Burger In Florida

On May 5th, Food Network Magazine will hit newsstands with a feature declaring Miami's own El Rey De Las Fritas as maker of the best hamburger in Florida; and that's according to celebrity chef Bobby Flay (and food critics across the country).

In a recent Short Order interview with Miami's resident expert on the subject, The Burger Beast, we found out that he thinks the best frita (cuban hamburger) comes from El Mago De Las Fritas. Here's a link to his blog post on the subject. And here's a link to where he slams El Rey as a tourist magnet.

While it's nice to know Bobby Flay recognizes that "we the best," I defer to the Burger Beast's judgment that the wizard beats the king. Bobby Flay is a tourist.

I called 4 El Rey locations to get their reaction to winning the big prize, but nobody spoke English, and though I can jive my way through Spanish in a face to face, on the phone that shit is a mission.

Here's the quote I was able to get after web editor Jose Duran reminded me that the Spanish word for prize is "premio." I couldn't remember it and nothing I said made sense without it. I called 4 locations and finally put together a entiendable question for the 13720 SW 88th St location.

Eileen Gonzales said, "Fabuloso." Fabuloso indeed Eileen, fabuloso indeed.

Click here for El Rey De Las Fritas locations across the Magic City.

Full disclosure: Food Network Magazine's press release about the burger issue said "Nothing gets food lovers more worked up than a conversation about the best burger around. This is why a heated debate is sure to follow Food Network Magazine's list of the ultimate burgers."

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.